Sundog is the leading automated SaaS solution for mastering and versioning TV and movies at speed and scale

Deliver shows faster and more efficiently than ever before



Automatically build hundreds of digital cinema versions from source components and pre-made assets.
From film-maker sign off to mass versioning, Sundog is the leading cloud DCP engine trusted by Hollywood studios for the biggest blockbuster releases.
Improve efficiency, consistency and quality. Reduce time to market, field issues and cost.
Create complex or simple Interoperable Master Format packages for movies and TV.
Version on demand at speed and create hundreds of versions in parallel. Use Sundog data for supply chain analytics to smooth your path to automation.
Powered by Sundog automation and hyper-scale in Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure.
Conformed video files for B2B broadcast and OTT deliveries.
Use Sundog's powerful versioning API to create conformed video assets from components including separate audio, picture inserts and timed text. Conform from DCP or IMF for deliverables and QC proxies.
Take advantage of Sundog's component based approach and open the door to migrate from traditional deliverables to IMF.

Research & Development

DubSafe Security A.I.

DubSafe is a face recognition A.I. specifically trained for feature film and TV content that automatically masks content for pre-release dubbing and translation copies.

Custom settings for masking allow complete configuration of Dubsafe behaviour. Set up a light touch for less sensitive content, or stronger masking for high value properties.

Available now in Sundog, contact us for more information and a DubSafe demo.

Auto 3D Subtitles

Stereoscopic placement of subtitles for 3D movie releases is traditionally time consuming and costly.


Sundog's proprietary placement technology accurately depth-maps the 3D movie then intelligently places each line of text  according to the optimum comfortable viewing experience for the audience.


Fully configurable decision making allows the freedom to make creative decisions about placement behaviour.

3D subtitle placement is integrated into Sundog's versioning engine and can be used as a seamless part of your movie versioning workflow.

Colour A.I.

Sundog has been actively researching the use of A.I. in managing colour between Standard and High Dynamic range images for movies and TV. This project was part funded by the Innovate UK scheme.

Contact us for more information.



Assets in
Sundog Automation
Versioning Engine
Versions Out
Bring media source elements or packaged image, audio, subtitles and auxiliary files into the cloud, then fire up Sundog via our powerful API - simply provide the desired output recipe and the Sundog engine does the rest.
Supporting uncompressed and compressed image and sound, Sundog is ready to create HDR & SDR, 4K & 2K, 3D & 2D, Dolby Cinema & Atmos, 5.1, 7.1 and many more formats.
Sundog automatically analyses workflows and jobs to deploy the optimal resources for each task and continuously scales during processing.
Sundog is truly cloud native built entirely in AWS and Azure with no legacy software. Infrastructure and resources are managed entirely automatically with hardened web security and resilience across multiple AZ's.
DCP and IMF API's allow fine control over playlist creation and packaging versions, supporting full and supplemental packages for both cinema and IMF.
Sundog automatically keeps packaged media de-duplicated so your cloud storage usage is as efficient as possible. Assets are delivered direct to your own storage so you're always in complete control of your content.


Integrating Sundog simplifies media workflows by providing not only the generation of media versions for IMF, DCP and conformed video outputs, but also by automating task control, output media management and cloud infrastructure orchestration in a secure and resilient environment.

The Sundog engine comes to the content, accessing source media in place on customer's own cloud storage, and managing IMF and DCP output files in customer owned dedicated packaged media storage areas. This gives maximum security control to the customer, with Sundog accessing content only when needed and for the minimum possible time.

By integrating media management systems, business systems and the Sundog versioning core, our customers are able to transform their supply chain to deliver movies and TV shows faster, more reliably and at lower cost.

Sundog engine is orchestrated by our comprehensive API which allows the versioning of tens or hundreds of versions at one time. The customer has full control over their own storage, provisioned in public cloud or on-prem, and access is controlled by integrating to customer's existing orchestration and content management systems. Sundog offers a full suite of custom tool development, API customisation and consulting services to help customers achieve the maximum efficiency, consistency and reliability from integration.

Sundog operates in Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure public clouds, with the ability to work in a hybrid environment utilising on-prem cloud storage.


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