Sundog Media Toolkit is designed to work across multiple cloud environments, allowing public, private and hybrid cloud setup.


Sundog is highly resilient, utilising Amazon AWS' global reach to run services as close as possible to your facilities for the lowest latency and fastest possible  turnaround of data.



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Cloud Asset Management


The Sundog asset manager allows you to control content anywhere in the world, and in multiple clouds in one easy to navigate interface. Project and user access controls allow you to associate content to specific jobs in the Content Library. The asset manager is content aware and displays metadata and a proxy preview, as well as allowing you to scrub or play through assets before adding them to the library. There are also areas to specifically manage playlist based content such as DCP's and IMF, as well as the ability to find playlists and issue DCP keys (DKDM).









 Sundog supports hybrid cloud for media storage


Simply connect your account to your private,

hosted or public cloud storage location using OpenStack Swift


Sundog Media Toolkit uses Amazon AWS as our preferred public cloud solution. Deployed in multiple geographies and with high local and global resilience, utilising  Amazon's huge Elastic Cloud Compute (EC2) resource allows Sundog Media Toolkit massive scale and rapid spin up to meet high demand peaks. Sundog is an approved AWS enterprise partner.













Sundog Media Toolkit is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) designed for movie and TV post production facilities of all sizes.


You define your storage and connectivity architecture - public, hosted or on-prem, thus retaining complete control over your media assets.  Simply provision internet access for your operators to log in to the Sundog web interface. Our facility account offers second factor authentication and follows MPAA security best practices for peace of mind.

When correctly utilised, cloud has many advantages over dedicated infrastructure. It can offer post production cost benefits, as well as flexibility of scale and function that cannot be achieved in a traditional "machine room" environment.


The Sundog system utilises platform services and automatically controls infrastructure in the host cloud.


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Cloud Security


Sundog Media Toolkit provides comprehensive  access control and user management for handling your media.  In a security conscious environment, assets are strictly managed to comply with industry standard procedures and protocols.


We can supply responses to all applicable areas of MPAA Best Practices, as well as comprehensive policies and security architecture documentation to our customers when completing audits.  As well as MPAA, we follow the OWASP and CSA best practice guidlines.


Strong access controls are critical to system security.  Sundog Media Toolkit employs high strength password enforcement and Second Factor Authentication (SFA).  We have selected the industry leading YubiKey One Time Password (OTP) solution from Yubico.







Cloud Connectivity


Sundog are committed to enabling the migration to cloud for production and post in the television industry. We partner with best in class providers to help our customers achieve their goals in creating next generation workflows.



We work closely with euNetworks, Europe’s bandwidth infrastructure provider. They offer fibre and bandwidth services across London including Soho and Chiswick, in Manchester as well as 12 other cities in Europe.


Connecting all the key data centres, euNetworks delivers scalable bandwidth solutions to the media industry and are a critical enabler of cloud migration.




Sundog Media Toolkit  can directly access Sohonet Media Storage - a professional cloud storage solution hosted in Sohonet's own data centres. Now you can use Sundog alongside Sohonet storage without having to transfer your media assets into public cloud storage.


Sohonet are the trusted media industry experts for content based network, infrastructure and hosting solutions.