Tools to power your workflow


Sundog Media Toolkit is a rich set of proprietary tools for image and sound processing.


The workflow engine has a marketplace for class leading tools for standards conversion, scaling, restoration, enhancement, transcode, cinema mastering and much more.


Handling high dynamic range, high resolution, high frame rate in massively scalable cloud processing, Sundog offers on demand access to powerful processes when you need them.



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Playlist Mastering


The Sundog Playlist Mastering tool is an intelligent playlist generator, combining powerful asset management, best in class JPEG2000 encoding for cinema, cinema asset ingest, powerful frame accurate preview and review, template based versioning, distribution and archive packaging.




Playlist engine


  • SMPTE and Interop DCP
  • IMF and DPP coming soon
  • 2K and 4K
  • 2D Frame Rates: 16,18, 20, 22, 24, 25, 30, 48, 50, 60, 96, 100, 120
  • 3D Frame Rates: 24,25,30,48,50,60
  • Encode JPEG2000 bitrates up to 500Mbps
  • High efficiency JPEG2000 encoder
  • High speed background encode and wrap (keep working while previous job processes)
  • Dolby Atmos including preview playback and sync track striping
  • 3D Subtitles - auto and manual
  • Frame accurate navigation and sync
  • Proxy preview
  • Versioning templates
  • Automatic CPL naming according to DC File Naming Convention
  • Full encryption and KDM support
  • Full watermarking control


DC ingest


  • Asset Ingest validation
  • Playlist aware asset management
  • C4ID for all objects in the playlist environment
  • Asset de-duplication for maximum storage and archive efficiency
  • Sundog Digital Cinema object metadata - cloud optimised search, processing and archive


Review and Approve


Sundog's Review and Approve tool is a realtime collaborative tool that allows multiple users to comment and mark up clips simultaneously. Ideal for working across facilities, with remote teams or to share approvals with clients.




Review and Approve Tool


  •   Auto-generate proxies from native resolution to SD
  •   4K, UHD, 2K, HD, SD
  •   Streaming bitrates from 1 - 20Mbps
  •   User based watermarking (visible)
  •   Project based inboxes with user access control
  •   Approval control
  •   Live review comments
  •   Drawing canvas for shot markup


Workflow Engine


Access the core power of Sundog directly through the workflow engine. Build workflows and let the Sundog system take care of the rest. Optimised scaling means you get high performance from each workflow. Need to go faster? Launch as many simultaneous worflows as you need, the scaling engine will automatically bring more resource on line. No queuing = no bottlenecks.



The intuitive Sundog hexagon interface makes building powerful workflows quick and easy.  Select the required tools from the library, arrange them in the drag and drop interface. Each tool's parameters are clearly set out and each new tool is launched with optimal settings.




Advanced Image Suite


  •   JPEG2000 Encoder
  •   Pro-Res Encoder


Cinema Tool Suite


  •   DCP GO! 2D
  •   DCP GO! 3D
  •   DCP SMPTE-Interop Format Conversion (including Dolby Atmos® sync track generation)


Essentials Suite

  •   Burn In – Text
  •   Canvas
  •   Composite
  •   Crop and Pad
  •   Scale
  •   Notify – Content
  •   Review and Approve Inbox


True Image Suite


  •   TrueImage 2D
  •   TrueImage 3D
  •   TrueImage 2D HDR
  •   TrueImage 3D HDR


Analysis Suite


  •   Stereoscopic Disparity Estimator




TrueImage is a new technology that increases image quality through a software tool exclusively deployed in the Sundog platform. It works with any digital content or image format whether it be consumer streaming or professional media. TrueImage enhances the viewing experience better than anything else available in the industry using a fundamentally differentiated technology.


Without TrueImage, you are only seeing half of the picture! It is unlike any technology you’ve ever seen.


Unleash the power of TrueImage ready to scale to any project from a 2D 24fps HD trailer to 120fps - 3D - HFR - HDR - 4K feature.



DVO Enhancement Suite


  •   Alias
  •   Aperture
  •   Blur
  •   Clarity
  •   Deinterlace
  •   Gamma Matrix
  •   ReTimer
  •   Reinterlace
  •   Sharpen
  •   Twister
  •   Zoom

DVO Restoration Suite


  •   Brickwall
  •   Chroma
  •   Cross Colour
  •   Dust
  •   Flicker
  •   Grain
  •   Line Sync
  •   Scratch
  •   Steady
  •   Steady II


With over 20 years of research and development Digital Vision's DVO image processing software tools have become one of the most revered toolsets in the post production industry. Known for presenting the best image manipulation tools for restoration, enhancement and format conversion, they are now available on the Sundog platform.

Sundog software fully supports Dolby Atmos Digital Cinema Packages throughout our DC tool suite. Our Atmos implementation is qualified by Dolby for playback compatibility.

Sundog workflow engine includes the Dolby Media Generator transcode engine. DMG tools are available in the workflow engine and we can also support any of the features of the current DMG release via our HotDog custom workflows.