Review & quality control

Sundog's Review and Approve tool is a realtime collaborative tool that allows multiple users to comment and mark up clips simultaneously.


Combined with the Playlist Mastering tool, review tool can be used for reliable quality assurance by generating high quality proxies from the play list master and synchronising with versions to highlight changes for review between versions. In standalone mode, the review tool is ideal for working across facilities with remote teams or to share approvals with clients.


Sundog review proxies made directly from playlist assets can dramatically reduce the amount of theatrical QC time required for digital cinema and provide scalable review options for the most discerning content owners. Currently available for enterprise deployments, this feature brings scale to one of the most difficult bottlenecks in the versioning process.

Powerful Features


  • Auto-generate proxies from native resolution to SD
  • 4K, UHD, 2K, HD, SD
  • Streaming bitrates from 1 - 20Mbps
  • User based watermarking (visible)
  • Project based inboxes with user access control
  • Approval control
  • Live review comments
  • Drawing canvas for shot markup
  • Export reports

Elegantly simple functionality


  • Set and edit markers and in/out points for each note
  • Annotate video clips
  • Draw on the canvas
  • Thumbnails let users jump to notes
  • Collaborate with all users globally in realtime