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Sundog Media Toolkit has a rich set of tools for image and sound processing. As well as Sundog's own cutting edge software, we also support tools from some of the industry's most trusted names in post production.


Handling high dynamic range, high resolution, high frame rate in massively scalable cloud processing, Sundog offers on demand access to powerful processes from world leading manufacturers.

RealD TrueImage™ is a new technology that increases image quality through a software tool exclusively deployed in the Sundog platform. It works with any digital content or image format whether it be consumer streaming or professional media. TrueImage enhances the viewing experience better than anything else available in the industry using a fundamentally differentiated technology. control of the look of motion.


True Image Suite


  • TrueImage 2D
  • TrueImage 3D
  • TrueImage 2D HDR
  • TrueImage 3D HDR



RealD TrueMotion™ software creates a "synthetic shutter"

allowing creative control of the look of motion.


True Motion Suite:


  • 180 Square
  • Silver
  • Gallium
  • Beryllium
  • Magnesium
  • Osmium



Additional RealD tools:


  • Machine Learning Upscale HD to UHD
  • Stereoscopic Disparity Estimator

With over 20 years of research and development Digital Vision's DVO image processing software tools have become one of the most revered toolsets in the post production industry. Known for presenting the best image manipulation tools for restoration, enhancement and format conversion, they are now available on the Sundog platform.


DVO Enhancement Suite







Gamma Matrix








DVO Restoration Suite




Cross Colour




Line Sync



Steady II

Sundog software fully supports Dolby Atmos Digital Cinema Packages throughout our DC tool suite.


Our Atmos implementation is qualified by Dolby for playback compatibility.



CineCert’s Wailua D-Cinema Validation software tools allow the user to test digital cinema files as part of a d-cinema packaging or distribution workflow. The Wailua is a mature, enterprise-class industry standard implementation. Top-tier distribution and post-production providers rely every day on Wailua for precise operations on D-Cinema Packages. Wailua validation is available within Sundog's playlist engine as an integral part of package creation.