Enterprise Integration

Custom Development



Sundog tools can be integrated into existing third party cloud environments and we can build custom automation, interfaces or full cloud stacks as a standalone project. Our highly skilled developer team have broad experience across multiple industries, as well as highly specialised experts in post production, versioning and distribution workflow. Sundog does not outsource or offshore its development so you can be assured of the utmost care and attention to every project, and a secure closed supply chain. We have worked internationally for multiple blue chip clients on cutting edge deployments of highly sensitive content delivery systems. We continue to innovate and expand our expertise in the media and entertainment field. With a strong background in delivering technology solutions and services for Hollywood studio work, we understand the delivery of the highest quality content, preservation of creative intent, and maintaining the strongest levels of security and resilience.





As well as a strong in house research and development capability, we can offer R&D project services in media and entertainment cloud applications and tools. With deep and broad expertise in image science, machine and deep learning, scaling and automation our engineering team work at the bleeding edge of content processing to bring new and highly innovative tools and solutions to market both with our industry partners and clients. Our team's background includes post doctorate academic research, visual effects work, algorithm design, workflow engineering, commercial and academic machine learning experts,  product design and standards development.


Alongside Sundog's custom development work we provide consultancy services to help our customers make the most of the opportunities our platform and wider cloud workflows offer. Consulting expertise include:


  • Cloud workflow design
  • Orchestration and Asset management integration
  • Versioning process and pipelines
  • Digital Cinema Automation
  • Machine and Deep Learning applications in Post Production
  • Image processing and optimisation
  • Cloud systems architecture
  • Cloud content security
  • Post Production migration to cloud


Sundog offers consultancy alongside enterprise development projects where multiple systems will be interconnected and integration steps beyond simple application interfacing and into architecture, workflows, system design and new tool development.