Cloud Nucleus - Sundog system core

Infrastructure Orchestration


Sundog automatically analyses workflows and jobs to deploy the optimal amount of cloud resource for each task and scales continuously to the requirements of your work, from zero to multiple massive simultaneous jobs.


Sundog is truly cloud native, having been built from the ground up as a cloud borne system, we are not bound by legacy software or hardware requirements. This means we can offer a completely transparent service with no requirement for our customers to manage the cloud resources. We have open pricing and offer everything totally on demand. The platform is the ultimate embodiment of a highly cost efficient Op-Ex model.

AI and Machine Learning


At Sundog we believe artificial intelligence will shape the next generation of software tools in the media industry, reaching into every part of the creative process. Machine and deep learning can live within existing tools and  applications to  improve performance and efficiency. We are investing in research into specialised areas of machine learning for media particularly in image processing where we believe there is huge opportunity to harness the power of AI techniques to improve quality, make difficult tasks easier and bring new tools to the industry that are not practical without the use of machine learning.


As well as a dedicated team looking at AI we also partner with other leading companies in AI media technology to bring their tools to our customers through integration with the Sundog platform.


Cloud platform choice


Sundog processing is run in a highly secure virtual private cloud, whilst our customers can choose to store their content in their preferred cloud storage. The Sundog platform talks to customer's storage only when necessary to process tasks giving the customer complete control over access and security of their assets.


Sundog believe our customers should have the widest choice possible which is why we are working with all public cloud providers to offer the best possible performance, cost and operational efficiency.


Taking advantage of the Sundog platform can be done in three simple steps:


1 - Sundog connects to your storage - you'll need your own public, private or community cloud storage account with the ability to manage credentials for secure access (such as Amazon AWS S3 or OpenStack Swift)


2 - We consult with you and create your account in the optimal region for your primary location. You can connect to multiple regions from your account. We'll also set up initial users and configure security options.


3 -  Once your account is ready, you can log in and authenticate your cloud storage locations to your Sundog account and you're ready to go! Get started immediately with workflow, playlist and review tools.