Asset management

Sundog's standard platform includes a content aware asset management interface. Preview content direct from cloud storage including post production formats such as OpenEXR, DPX and TIFF.


Search and manage segmented media at the package, playlist and asset level.


Manage projects, users and content access to ensure security for operators is tailored exactly to  your needs by project and down to the clip level.

Packaged Media Ingest


  • Asset Ingest validation
  • Segmented media aware interface to manage by playlist or individual asset
  • C4ID for all objects in the playlist environment
  • Sundog custom Digital Cinema metadata for external storage and archive management
  • Asset de-duplication for maximum storage and archive efficiency
  • Supports SMPTE and Interop DCP.  IMF and Open TimeLine IO coming soon

Content can be utilised seamlessly across Sundog's tools, workflows, playlists and review systems.


Working in the UI feels local but your assets are always kept safely in your cloud storage and content only moves into Sundog when it is being processed, landing safely back in your environment.


Content security remains totally in your control with client side cloud access management.