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How to get started in Sundog


Sundog connects to your storage - you'll need your own public, private or community cloud storage account with the ability to manage credentials for secure access (such as Amazon AWS S3 storage)


We consult with you and create your account in the optimal region for your primary location. You can connect to multiple regions from your account. We'll also set up initial users and configure security options.


Once your account is ready, you can log in and authenticate your cloud storage locations to your Sundog account and you're ready to go! Get started immediately with workflow, playlist and review tools.

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Discover Sundog architecture

Sundog supports on prem and hosted cloud storage using S3 and Swift protocols


Sundog connects to S3 and Swift specialist stacks including

Sohonet FileStore




Content transfer to and from the Sundog stack is encrypted and segregated. Data is transferred directly to the processing engines and does not pass through the web servers for maximum security.

Sundog main stack is based in Amazon AWS primary regions with triple redundant data centers


Sundog has a secure web interface with multi layered security features and second factor authentication. For enterprise secure API's can also be exposed for process orchestration.

Sundog reduces infrastructure requirements for facilities and brings powerful tools to users wherever they are. Sundog frees your teams to focus on the important stuff.

If they still love watching progress bars now they can do it from anywhere!

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